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The TRN Lite is a streamlined version of the Technical Resilience Navigator. Following the same methodology, the TRN Lite provides users with a faster resilience assessment by reducing the number of inputs required relative to a complete TRN assessment. The TRN Lite ends with a short-list of potential solutions based on key risk drivers identified in the risk assessment. For a comprehensive solution development effort that includes institutional considerations and allows users to review and prioritize solutions based on potential resilience benefits, complete a full TRN assessment as your next step.

To store the data entered in TRN Lite, and to enable further analysis in the full TRN, click the “Create TRN Framework” button available at the bottom of each screen.

Optionally, you may download a TRN Lite input Excel file, fill it out, and upload it to the TRN Lite to pre-populate the data. This input data template is available either without data , or with example data which can be used as a revisable starting point. The data uploading feature is accessible upon clicking the Start Now button.