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The Technical Resilience Navigator (TRN) NO LONGER uses these worksheets.
They are from a previous version of the resilience evaluation. They are here for archival reference only.
Site-Level Planning Worksheets
Action 1: Establish Resilience Planning Team and Engage Stakeholders
Action 2: Collect and Review Relevant Information
Action 3: Define Site-Level Resilience Priorities and Scope and Boundaries
Action 4: Identify Critical Functions
Action 5: Record Resilience Gaps
Baseline Development Worksheets
Action 1: Collect & Review Baseline Documentation
Action 2: Establish Energy and Water Requirements
Action 3: Characterize Redundant Systems
Action 4: Update Resilience Gaps
Risk Assessment Worksheets
Action 1: Characterize Critical Loads for Risk Assessment
Action 2: Identify Hazards and Threats
Action 3: Review Risk Scenarios
Action 4: Summarize Risk
Action 5: Identify Gaps from Risk
Solution Development Worksheets
Action 1: Analyze Resilience Gaps
Action 2: Identify Solutions
Action 3: Evaluate Solution Sets
Solution Prioritization Worksheets
Action 1: Screen Solutions
Action 2: Model Solution Risk Reduction Potential
Action 3: Assess Emissions Impact
Action 4: Review Priorities and Costs
Action 5: Prioritize Solutions
  • no action specific worksheet
Roadmap to Action Worksheets
Action 1: Define Projects for Solution Implementation
Action 2: Evaluate Potential Funding Sources
Action 3: Create the Business Justification
Action 4: Create an Execution Plan
Action 5: Implement and Sustain Resilience