Module: Baseline Development

Action 1: Collect & Review Baseline Documentation
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This action identifies and consolidates sources of information used to establish the site’s critical energy and water requirements and baseline conditions of energy and water systems. In Site-Level Planning, data collection focused on establishing critical missions and functions and the status of site-wide planning for emergencies and business continuity. In Baseline Development, data collection focuses on the facilities that carry out those critical functions and the energy and water systems that supply and provide redundancy to critical loads.

Information Classification Considerations
Some of the data gathered through the Baseline Development process may be considered classified or sensitive. Prior to starting data collection, the resilience planning team should seek guidance from designated information security personnel. Some organizations have documented guidelines on topics that may be treated as potentially classified. These can include details on critical missions, functions, facilities, or other assets, particularly when specific vulnerabilities and the locations of those assets are identified or disclosed.

Data Inputs Needed

  • Critical functions from the Site-Level Planning module and the facilities that house them

Outputs of This Action

  • Documentation on facility and critical loads required for Baseline Development: Action 2
  • Documentation on facility and critical loads and redundant systems required for Risk Assessment: Action 1
  • Documentation on energy and water systems required for Solution Development: Action 2
  • Points of contact for data and identified data gaps

TRN Resources

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Full Description

Data collection for Baseline Development focuses on energy and water end-use data, as well as the design operation and maintenance of both onsite redundant and primary supply systems. Energy and water use data for the site and specific facilities can be identified from central sources as an initial step and reviewed in more detail once critical loads in those facilities are identified in Action 2. Similarly, general data on redundant systems at the site (e.g., where they are, system capacity, age) can be gathered from central data sources, then examined more carefully once it is understood which redundant systems support critical loads.

Use the Baseline Development Action 1 Worksheet: Checklist for Baseline Development to identify sources of documentation required and how the data will be used. Note who the primary data owners are and verify with them that the documentation is the most recent, available, and accurate. Add relevant data sources to the checklist as needed. Items with an asterisk (*) are key inputs to the TRN Risk Assessment Excel file and should be prioritized for data collection.