Solution Prioritization
Module / Solution Prioritization

Module Overview

Solution prioritization provides a method for assessing the benefit potential and costs of identified resilience solutions to enable ranking of the solutions for implementation. This module provides a semi-quantitative evaluation and prioritization process to compare and make decisions about solutions that were identified during the Solution Development module. It uses the risk assessment framework, developed in the Risk Assessment module, as well as the site’s resilience priorities, developed in the Site-Level Planning module, to identify solutions that best meet site needs.

A key input for prioritization is how much each solution reduces risk. Estimating costs of each solution, as well as identifying how well solutions meet resilience priorities, also helps to prioritize solutions. The prioritization approach described in this module can be used to recommend which solutions should be carried forward to the Roadmap to Action module.


  • Prioritized list of solutions

Status, Assignments, and Resources

Resources Status
1: Screen Solutions
Not Started
2: Model Solution Risk Reduction Potential

Mapping Solution Types to Risk and Resilience

Not Started
3: Assess Emissions Impact

Emissions Factors

Not Started
4: Review Priorities and Costs
Not Started
5: Prioritize Solutions
Not Started