Roadmap to Action
Module / Roadmap to Action

Module Overview

This module will guide the development of concrete next steps for resilience-enhancing solutions from conceptualization to project implementation. It addresses key actions related to developing projects, identifying funding sources, and creating a business justification that will guide organizations through the process of implementation. Projects developed through this module will require leadership support, funding, and, ultimately, sustained effort towards project implementation to realize their risk reduction potential. The Roadmap to Action module expands on the final prioritized list of solutions generated in the Solution Prioritization module to help the resilience planning team develop concrete next steps for implementing resilience solutions. The resilience planning team can review the TRN Resource: Roadmap to Action Process Flow and TRN Resource: Roadmap to Action Components before moving on to the module.

Instructions for Data Entry

For those working offline, the TRN Roadmap to Action (or RTA) module uses a Microsoft Excel workbook to guide users through the methodology. Note that references to tabs from the Roadmap to Action Action 3 worksheet are in green and tabs from the Solution Prioritization Action 4 worksheet are in blue. As a first step for this module, users can cut and paste their final output from Tab 6 of the Solution Prioritization Action 4 worksheet (a sorted list of resilience solutions for further consideration by site leadership) into Tab 1 of the Roadmap to Action Action 3 worksheet. Users will also need to reference the facilities and critical loads associated with each solution, which are identified in Tab 2 of the Solution Prioritization Action 4 worksheet.


  • A list of executable projects that address risk and enhance resilience
  • Identification of feasible project funding sources matched with projects
  • A clear business justification for pursuing the projects and funding sources
  • Developed execution plan with leadership buy-in
  • Methods to iterate on the resilience planning process for continual improvement

Status, Assignments, and Resources

Resources Status
1: Define Projects for Solution Implementation

Questions for Clear Project Definition

Potential Funding Options Comparison

Identify and Evaluate Potential Funding Sources

Lithium-ion Battery Storage Technical Specifications

DER Interconnection Checklist

Not Started
2: Evaluate Potential Funding Sources

Identify and Evaluate Potential Funding Sources

Distributed Energy Procurement Options Summary

ESPC ESA Explanatory Resources

Kickstart Your Federal Microgrid Project: Financing Opportunities and Best Practices Factsheet

Not Started
3: Create the Business Justification

Business Justification Presentation

Customer Damage Function

Obtaining Leadership Buy In Guide

Not Started
4: Create an Execution Plan

Execution Plan Template

Not Started
5: Implement and Sustain Resilience
Not Started