Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis allows users to investigate inputs that are major drivers of the risk model and understand how changes to these inputs may impact results. Users may conduct this analysis to gain insights into questions like:

  • How much does the risk distribution change if I change the criticality weight estimates for my critical functions?
  • How much does risk change if my hazard frequency or severity (i.e., outage duration) estimates reflect a climate change scenario rather than historical data?

This Overview tab is the first step in the process. To begin, click on the “Add Sensitivity Case” button to create a sensitivity case that can be compared with the base case generated in previous actions within this TRN framework.

You can create multiple sensitivity cases in this action, but can only view up to four sensitivity cases at a time, which will be displayed in both the Inputs tab and the Analysis tab. Select the sensitivity cases you would like to view by clicking the “Select Sensitivity Cases” button. The Inputs tab allows you to compare the changes you have made to the inputs relative to the base case. By clicking on “Compare Sensitivity Case Inputs” or the “Inputs” tab above, you can manage and compare inputs. Finally, click on the “Analyze Sensitivity Cases” button or the “Analysis” tab to review how the changes you made impact the risk results.