Module: Solution Development

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This module guides users through the process of reviewing and analyzing their recorded resilience gaps to enable comprehensive brainstorming of solutions that can enhance resilience at the site. During the previous modules the resilience planning team should have documented a fairly comprehensive set of resilience gaps that exist at the site. A resilience gap exists where risk exceeds an acceptable threshold, where conditions do not meet resilience goals or priorities, or where operational, technological, or institutional deficiencies exist.

This module uses information from previous Technical Resilience Navigator (TRN) modules, including content from the resilience priorities section established in the Site-Level Planning module, the critical loads identified in the Baseline Development module and the risk summary from the Risk Assessment module to help the resilience planning team identify solutions that address resilience gaps identified throughout the TRN process.

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1: Analyze Resilience Gaps not assigned
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2: Identify Solutions not assigned
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Outcomes of this Module:

  • List of resilience gaps, characterized by type of gap and resilience attributes impacted
  • List of resilience solutions that address identified gaps